4ROOM lighting


4ROOM is a small-scale luminaire manufacturer located in a picturesque village Vääna, 20km from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Brought to life in 2002, it carries the knowhow and skills of its predecessor Estoplast founded in 1959. Merging quality lighting with design, the ambition of 4ROOM is contemporary yet timeless products enhancing the interiors and providing great light. 4ROOM combines traditional craftsmanship with automated production to allow exibility in customising orders to satisfy the customers’ unique requirements.

4ROOM provides its own design, engineering and product development. The workshops are equipped with various machines for production and updated regularly to meet the expectation of high quality products. The luminaires are paint nished on site. Textile shades of which quality 4ROOM prides on are made by our skilled craftsmen combining CNC technology with artisanship. All products are created under one roof in a small factory in Vääna from carefully selected certi ed quality materials made in the EU.

Estonia experiences long and dark winters with limited hours of daylight. In summer, the sun sets only for a few brief hours. Therefore, we know and appreciate the role of good light in our everyday life. The design focus of 4ROOM product range is on the functionality bringing more good light to the interior. The clean and simple aesthetics of the luminaires enhances various styles of interiors adding value to the present moment.

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